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Astera Chandelier – lighting design for everybody
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Dienstag, den 14. September 2010 um 11:46 Uhr

Astera, manufacturer of high-tech LED solutions, is now offering a colorful LED Chandelier to the public. Each of the Chandelier’s spheres can be individually addressed so the ceiling lamp can display complex color-gradients and shapes. The chandelier can be hung from ceilings of restaurants, offices, homes etc to create a stunning atmosphere of moving colors.

The Chandelier was developed in cooperation with Cinimod Studio, a London-based lighting design agency.  After a few initial projects Astera has modified product further and now offers the Chandelier in 4 different sizes and with several control-options.

The 4 available sizes (80mm, 100mm, 150mm, 200mm) of polycarbonate spheres can be easily installed by anybody with basic handyman skills. Up to 32 spheres can be inserted into Astera’s AC3 controller that can be connected to any DMX source. By hanging the spheres in various arrangements with different distances between spheres and different amounts of spheres it is guaranteed that no two Chandeliers are the same.

While it is recommended for larger installations to use a DMX software from Madrix, e:cue etc to control displayed shapes and colors, small Chandeliers can also be operated by Astera’s ARC2 remote control which can launch basic programs and choose individual colors and gradients.

The Astera Chandelier is a simple tool that can be used by experienced lighting designers as well as small restaurants, bars and private persons. Since the product is easy to install and rather affordable to purchase, it has the ability to bring high-end lighting and control to the broader public.

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