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New ARRI High-Speed Ballast EB 2.5/4 HS AutoScan
Geschrieben von: ARRI   
Dienstag, den 19. April 2016 um 06:54 Uhr

ARRI is complementing its latest generation of high-speed ballasts with the new EB 2.5/4 HS AutoScan. Designed for the ARRI M40 and other 2.5 kW or 4 kW daylight fixtures, it incorporates innovative features and allows filming speeds of more than 1,000 fps.


Three different modes are available for high-speed operation: AutoScan (fully automatic), Man (manual frequency control) or AutoMan (combining manual frequency setting with automatic frequency control). Using the AutoScan mode requires no further interaction by an operator. After a two-stage scan the lamp frequency is selected and set by the ballast; all parameters are continuously monitored and adjusted automatically if required. In addition the lamp can be operated at 50 or 60 Hz if noise needs to be minimized, or at 75 Hz for standard frame rates.


The new EB 2.5/4 HS AutoScan includes key features such as Active Line Filter (ALF) and Compensation for Cable Losses (CCL), delivering maximum light quality with efficient supply and wiring. The ballast can be switched on and off remotely, and the dimming level set, via DMX control. For maximum ease of use, indicators on the ballast’s front panel display the lamp wattage, DMX channel, operation mode and selected lamp frequency.


When combined with the popular M-Series M40 lamphead, the EB 2.5/4 HS AutoScan ballast enables a faster and simpler way of working on set – at any frame rate


The EB 2.5/4 HS AutoScan ballast is available in May at a list price of US $13,000.